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Well hello everyone! It seems like everyone is having a blast role playing. I am glad. ^_^ I just wish I could be on more and have fun with yoy guys, but I can't, so I have Gin watching you. I might re-think about starting school next weekend so the teachers can become more active. I am sorry to the teachers. Anyways I will get back to you guys about starting school when I decide but leave your comments and tell me stuff that I need to work on.


Gin sent me a very long e-mail saying very good stuff about you. I have been thinking about this for a while and I hope you will accept it because I give you no choice. I have made you a mod. I need another one besides myself and Gin doesn't care for being a mod. I hope you accept it. You can do whatever you want to the two communties since I am not the greatest with html. Have fun and congrats.
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