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Characters to be Friended and Communities to be Joined

The following characters must be added to all character friends lists.


Weasley, G (5th year) - batbogey_queen
Granger, H (6th Year) - bossy_bookworm
Potter, H (6th Year) - really_harry
Weasley, R (6th Year)- redheaded_nite
Longbottom, N (6th Year) - _notasquib
Creevey, C (5th Year) - camera_colin
Brown, L (6th year) - lavenderglam
Finnigan, S (6th Year) - oirish_jigger
Patil, P (6th year) - cuterthanpadma
Horny, H (6th year) - hornyhorace


Smith, Z (7th Year) - z_smith_rock
Macmillan, E (6th Year) - macmillan_ernie
Finch-Fletchley, J (6th Year) - hufflepuff_chap
Abbott, H (6th Year) - miss_abbott
Bones, S (6th Year) - susan__x__bones


Bullstrode, M (6th Year) - _mb
Malfoy, D (6th Year) - stillperfect
Nott, T (6th Year)- nott_to_be
Zabini, B (6th Year) - blaise_x_zabini
Peccato, M (6th Year) - mortale_peccato
Vendvmagli, M (5th Year) - anya_vendvmagli
Pullman, M (5th Year) - pullmemax
Parkinson, P (6th Year) - no_flower
Crabbe, V (6th Year) - golly_crab
Goyle, G (6th Year) - golly_crab

Perks, S (6th Year) - butter_mello
MacDougall, R (6th Year) - mryan_macdougal
Lovegood, L (5th Year) - loonylovegood03
Boot, T (6th Year) - boot_t_terry
Turpin, L (6th Year) - quoth_lisa
Corner, M (6th Year) - mike_claw
Chang, C (7th Year) - tutshillt_fan1
Edgecomb, M (6th Year) - snarky_claw

Hogwarts staff.

Trelawney - unfoggingfuture
Snape - overgrown_bat
McGonagall - mm_gryffindor
Dumbledore - hogmywarts
Tonks - clumsyandcool
Hestia - healer_hestia


Lupin, R - lunar_lupus
Black, S - mssr_padfoot
Weasley, A&M - weasleys_here
Weasley, G - george_x_fred
Weasley, F - fred_x_george

The follow communities must also be joined.

rp_ooc (Plot developments, mod news etc)
rp_hogwarts (For OWL, staff and roleplay posts only)
rp_h_updates (Daily Prophet articles)

boredathogwarts is an optional community for the cast to get to know each other better and post anything of random interest!
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